Minstrel Miniature Australian Labradoodles

I have owned Boxers since I was a child. As an adult, for over a decade I imported Boxer lines from the UK and Eastern Europe whose important characteristics many well known breeders were able to add to their bloodlines here in the United States. But now that I’m no longer exactly a spring chicken, I’ve settled on a smaller breed – and one on whose health and longevity the national club focuses avidly. The Authentic Australian Labradoodle.

The best kind of traits

The Authentic Australian Labradoodle possesses characteristics that make it absolutely ideal as a family member, and as a partner in crime. :-) They are smart, willing, extremely loving, devoted, driven to please or to work, and ENDLESSLY entertaining.
My partner, Katherine Nevius, is an AKC Boxer Breeder of Merit who is slowly getting out of breeding. We both thought it would be a great idea to use her registered kennel name in this new endeavor, as it is already known for a laser-like focus on health and longevity – traits for which the Authentic Australian Labradoodle is known.

First Litter

Our first litter of Mini Australians was born in September, 2020 – eight amazing babies out of our foundation bitch, Lake Blue Lululemon, “Lulu.” LuLu had her second litter in Spring, 2021, and her last in February, 2022. We have also expanded our family as we welcomed Dolly – a little girl pup from Triangle Trained Australian Labradoodles – a kennel closely affiliated with Lulu’s breeder, Lake Blue Labradoos in North Carolina.

If you have any questions for us, please get in touch! We love to talk dogs!

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